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Salon Care

SalonCare is a professional product available through professional distributors, medical practitioners and trained therapists. The range contains a comprehensive listing of both facial and body treatment products. For sensitive skin types, SalonCare Sensitive products are fragrance and colourant free.

Cleansers Facial Wash Refreshing and gentle foaming wash. Recommended for young, normal and combination skin types. facial wash
  Cream Cleanser Nourishing and soothing cleanser containing chamomile extract.
Recommended for dry, mature and sun damaged skin. Excellent as a make-up remover.
  Gel Cleanser Effective, deep cleansing foaming wash with alpha hydroxy acids.
Recommended for oily and active acne skins.
  Make-up Remover Oil and fragrance free formulation, with soothing herbal extracts which are safe on the eye area. Removes oil based and water proof make-up.
Skin Toner Alcohol-free conditioner with soothing extracts to refresh the skin and remove any excess residue remaining after cleansing. skin toner
Exfoliants Facial Exfoliant An exfoliant containing natural apricot granules, that can be used in conjunction with steam. Best results observed with normal and oil-dry skins. facial exfoliant
  Enzyme Exfoliant Finally, a safe but very effective exfoliant for all skin types. Speeds up results and polishes the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant. Use in conjunction with steam to make extractions easier. Exclusively for the salon trolley!
Moisturisers Moisturiser #1 Professional moisturiser with soothing and moisture binding agents, containing UVA and UVB sun protection, for normal and combination skin types. moisturiser
  Moisturiser #2 Hydrating and nourishing treatment with reflective pigments for dry, sun damaged and pre-maturely ageing skin.
Body moisturiser Moisturiser #3 The 'State of the Art' product of choice for treating dry and alipidic skin conditions. The product contains superior humectants, urea and ammonium lactate.
Nightcare Enriched Nightcare Luxurious Vitamin A enriched night treatment that rejuvenates and encourages the skin's repair cycle. enriched nightcare
Eye Treatments Eye Cream Formulated with marine collagen and hydro-elastin to revitalise your eye area, whilst reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. eye cream
  Eye Gel Fragrance and oil-free gel with aloe ferox, soothes tired eyes and reduces fine lines and puffiness.
Masques Hydrating Cream Masque Formulated with highly emollient and skin compatible palm oil and chamomile fractions to hydrate and comfort the skin. hydrating cream masque
  Clarifying Clay Masque A mixture of naturally occuring clays that absorbs oils and impurities.
  Masque Professionnel This masque performs a dual function of removing excess sebum from the skin whilst simultaneously feeding the skin with moisture.
Sun care Sunscreen SPF 20+ Effective facial and body moisturiser with high sun protection factor 20+.
SABS tested and safe for children.
Available in a convenient 25ml tube for sportsmen, handbags etc.
sunscreen SPF 20+
Treatment Products ACNE:   skin clarifier
  Skin Clarifier Mild treatment blend of tea-tree oil, alpha hydroxy acids and Vitamin A for acne prone and active acne skins.
  Hydrogel Oil-free gel with Aloe Ferox and anti-oxidant Vitamin C for oily and acne skins. Ideal for sensitive and allergic skin types. Soothes skin that has been excessively exposed to sun.
SalonCare Actives Acna-clear Spot treatment with anti-bacterial and oil-control properties. diminish
  Diminish Mild pigmentation reducing treatment based on anti-oxidants and reflective pigments.


Bio-Lighten Intense treatment of Vitamin C and high SPF protection working synergistically to effectively reduce pigmentation or blemishes. collagen_cream
  Collagen Cream An advanced, rapidly absorbing face, neck and decolleté moisturiser with unique firming and smoothing ingredients. Ideal under make-up. Brightens complexion and reverses sun damage. Helps reduce stretch marks during pregnancy.
  hydra-SATIN OIL Adds comfort to extremely dry skin. Some clients apply this product instead of a cream-based moisturiser. hydra_satin_day
  hydra-SATIN DAY Advanced rejuvenating complex containing anti-oxidants, collagen and sun protection.
  hydra- SATIN NIGHT Vitamin A enriched to stimulate cell renewal and give the skin vitality and radiance.
Footcare Foot Soak Contains tea-tree and aloe-ferox.  
  Apricot Exfoliant With apricot kernels and wax beads in a creamy base.  
  Massage Butter Massage medium based on moisturising shea butter.  
  Neroli Foot Masque Hydrating and moisturising luxurious masque for dry and cracked feet.  
  Heel & Foot Balm Intensive treatment with nourishing and healing properties, to improve the condition of feet.  
Body Essentials Body Scrub Exfoliator for post-wax treatment, pre-tanning and preparation for cellulite treatments. body_scrub
  Body Butters Based on shea butter for softening the skin. Available in Grapefruit; Honey and Coco-Vanilla. Makes an ideal gift.
  Smoothing & Contouring Creme Effective smoothing & tightening treatment, reducing cellulite and firming orange-peel skin.
SalonCare MAN Cleansing Gel Formulated to rapidly remove impurities and refresh the skin. Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids for an exfoliating function. cleansing gel
  Shaving Cream Effectively reduces razor drag. Shea butter helps nourish the skin.
  After Shave Balm Easily absorbed emulsion that calms and soothes the skin after shaving.
  Day Protector Essential moisturiser & sun protection for the active man.
SensitiveCare Cream Cleanser Recommended by dermatologists. Fragrance and colourant free. Formulated with vegetable based ingredients to be as mild and safe as possible. Can be used during pregnancy and on allergic skin conditions such as excema. protective moisturiser
  Gel Cleanser
  UV Protective Moisturiser
  Enriched Nightcare
  Soothing Moisture Gel   soothing moisture gel
  Body Lotion  
  Hair Conditioner  
Handcare Enriched Hand Treatment Nourishing treatment moisturiser with sun protection. Ideal size for the handbag. enriched hand treatment
  Cuticle Cream Contains Keratin Polypeptides and shea butter for softening cuticles.
Alpha Hydroxy Acids Alpha Gel Active Fruit acid based gel to boost salon treatments. Designed to achieve results with skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmention etc.  
  ph Balancer Designed specifically for use with Alpha Gel Active. Restores pH balance of skin after intense treatment. THE AHA PRODUCTS ARE EXCLUSIVE TO SALONCARE TRAINED THERAPISTS.
Massage Media Massage Cream Unique concentration of silicone and vegetable oils. Formulated specifically for extended massage. It's light bodied texture makes it particularly suitable for facial massage but can be used for body areas as well. massage cream
  Shea Butter Massage Oil Once activated, this unusual, effective product changes from it's buttery feel to an oily but moisturising medium. Designed for more intensive massage of body areas such as the legs and back.
Body Exfoliant Body Scrub Creamy based exfoliant with natural apricot kernels and wax beads. To be applied before tanning, cellulite treatments, wraps and post-waxing.  
Galvanic Gels Body Firming
Facial Firming
Conductive lubricant gels containing a stimulating essential oil synergy, specifically formulated to firm the skin and move toxins and fatty deposits. body firming gel
  Electrode Setting : POSITIVE
  Hydrating Gel Recommended specifically for dehydrated skins. Contains sodium hyaluronate to promote moisture retention. hydrating gel
  Electrode Setting: POSITIVE
  Balancing Gel Recommended specifically for oily skin types. Contains Witch hazel extract for astringency. balancing gel
  Electrode Setting: POSITIVE
  Disincrustation Gel Conductive alkaline gel removes the build-up of dead skin cells. Specially designed for congested and oily areas only. disincrustration gel
  Electrode Setting: Refer to settings and directions for use on label.
  Oxygenating Cream Light textured emulsion to be used in conjunction with a high frequency machine, to sterilise and purify the skin. oxygenating cream