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Portable Medical Couches

Whether you work from home or on the move or simply battling with space we have couches that will enhance your business. Versatility lightweight and strength, with added features such as the paper towel holder that can be fitted to any couch, portable permanent. Our ranges of portable couches are designed with you in mind giving your business the image your clients deserve.

Ultra lightweight without sacrificing durability and strength. Weighing in at a mere 13kg’s this couches is best suited for those on the move.

Imported Beachwood, PU Leather in black or white
(With all attachments excluding stool optional)
Gross Weight 23kg

  • Includes face cradle
  • Arm rest
  • Adjustable height

Portable Massage Couch item: PQ-PORT

  • Length 180cm
  • Height 74cm
  • Width 64cm
  • Weight 22kg