B O D Y  F I R M I N G  L I N E


The course of time, together with other circumstances, makes the skin lose its firmness
and elasticity. Tegoder Cosmetics’ answer to this beauty alteration is Body Firming Line,
the most efficient allied to repair and strengthen the support fibres, reaffirm and tone,
fight against the skin’s ageing factors and the flaccidity of the tissues, apart from
tightening, regenerating and re-epithelising the skin.

– Body Firming Ceramides 60 units.
– Body Firming Serum 20x10 ml y 28x10 ml.
– Body Firming Gel 250 ml.
– Body Firming Cream 250 and 500 ml.
– Body Firming Essence 50 ml.
– Flaccid-Stop Gel 150 ml.

C E L L U L I T E  L I N E

Cellulite line

Cellulite line includes some active ingredients of proved ability to combat cellulite. Its
more remarkable actions, are that; shapes your figure, reduces fats, eliminates toxins,
fights against “orange peel” and breaks up and reduces adipocytes (fat cells).


– Cellulite Ceramides 30 units.
– Cellulite Serum 20x10 ml and 28x10 ml.
– Cellulite Gel 250 ml.
– Cellulite Cream 250 and 500 ml.
– Cellulite Essence 50 ml.
– Celu-Stop Gel 150 ml.

B R E A S T  F I R M I N G  L I N E

Breast Firming Line

Breast Firming Line has been developed to combat the causes that make the breasts lose
its firmness. Professional treatment line oriented to repair and strengthen the supporting
fibres, tight and tone up and fight against the factors causing skin ageing as well as the
flaccidity of tissues.


– Breast Firming Ceramides 60 units.
– Breast Firming Serum 14x2 ml y 40x2 ml.
– Breast Firming Gel 100 ml.
– Breast Firming Cream 100 and 200 ml.
– Breast Firming Essence 50 ml.
– Breast Modelling Triaction Mask 10x15 ml.
– Hot-Cold Firming Bra.

E Y E C A R E  L I N E

Eye Care Line

Tegoder Cosmetics’ Eye Care Line widely treats and cares for all the needs of the
sensitive and delicate eye area. Its action reduces fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes eye
cups, moisturises the eye contour, protects against external aggressions and has a
decongesting and draining effect.
Also, the products Wide Eyes Beauty Sleep Mask and Wide Eyes Ampoules represent
and excellent intense restoring treatment that, apart from caring and protecting the eye
contour area, provide a lifting effect, attaining a radiant and bright look.
– Special Eye Care Kit: kit containing 4 full treatments for salon use.
– Eye Instant Cleanser 125 ml.
– Eye Special Care Serum 20 ml.
– Eye Special Care Cream 15 ml.
– Wide Eyes Beauty Sleep Mask 50 ml.
– Wide Eyes Ampoules 14x3 ml.
– Relaxing & Decongesting Eye Mask.

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