Orly Nail Care  
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Polished and Petite
The Divorcée 6-Pix includes one .6 Fl Oz / 18 mL bottle of each lacquer from the Divorcée collection: 50/50, Pawn the Ring, It's Not Me, It's You, One Night Stand, See Yah and Take Him To The Cleaners.
French Manicure
This exclusive rubberized basecoat grips polish to the nail surface for adhesion that lasts. Prevents nail color from peeling, chipping or wearing off for up to two weeks.
Calcium Shield®
A thick, protective calcium coat instantly increases the thickness of weak, thin nails. Leaves nails flexible, yet strong enough to prevent breakage and to help nail growth.
This scientifically advanced formula gives nails a slick, wet-look topcoat as well as super protection. It's the only professional overglaze made with polyester for a high-shine.
In A Snap®
Super-fast drying nail finish dries nail polish in minutes. High-gloss finish protects polish from chipping, fading and yellowing.
Nail Defense®
Protein and gelatin enriched to fortify weak nails. Bonds nail layers together, sealing the free edge to prevent peeling and chipping.
Nails For Males®
Unique matte, natural-look nail finish for men. Protects nails and provides a distinguished, lasting natural finish.
No Bite®
A bitter flavored nail bite deterrent that helps break the annoying and often painful nail biting habit, allowing for healthy new nail growth.
The "original" Ridgefiller by Orly is the preferred primer basecoat of the professional manicurist. Contains talc to fill ridges, smooth rough surfaces. Helps polish last days longer.
Protect fragile nails and mend split or cracked nails with the "original" fiber wrap. Strengthens nails so they grow longer. Use with a topcoat of Ridgefiller for a smooth finish.
Nail Armor ™
Liquid silk nail wrap strengthens nails while Ridgefiller smoothes the surface for a flawless finish.
 Cuticle Care
Cuticle Care Complex®
Deep conditions the nail bed and cuticle with all-natural oils, botanical extracts and carotene protein.
Cuticle Therapy Creme
Conditions and moisturizes the cuticle for healthy, stronger nails. Enriched with avocado oil, squalane, allantoin and vitamins E & A. Promotes natural nail growth.
Gently removes dead tissue from cuticles, making them soft and pliable. Also removes stains from nails. Great for pedicures.
Orly Nail Files
3-Way Buffer
Three grades of grit specially designed to buff the nail surface to a flawless finish. The 240 black grit smoothes nail ridges and irregularities. The 400 grit fine white buffer provides a soft, matte luster. The no-grit gray polisher gives nails a high-gloss shine.
Black Board
A 180-grit board for fast filing and shaping of natural or artificial nails.
Garnet Board
A 120 grit for natural nails quickly and easily files nails to the desired shape.
Penguin Board
Colorful penguins decorate the 240 fine grit file for shaping and smoothing natural nails.
Zebra Foam Board
A 100 coarse grit to quickly and easily file nails to the desired shape. 180 medium grit gives edges a flawless finish.
Manicure Kits
Beverly Hills Manicure Kit

Complete with all the elements needed to attain sheer perfection, the Beverly Hills Manicure Kit contains four .25 oz. bottles; one each of Bonder Basecoat, Beverly Hills Plum, Sheer White Tips, In A Snap Topcoat, plus complete instructions.
French Manicure Kit

Get everything you need for a perfect French Manicure. Kits are available in choice of Pink Tone, Beige Tone, Rose Tone and Peach Tone. Each kit contains four .25 oz. bottles, one each of selected shade, plus Bonder Basecoat, White Tips and In A Snap topcoat. Half-moon and Chevron White Tip Guides are also included.
White Tip Guides

Exclusive guides will help you apply your French Manicure accurately and consistently every time. Choice of Half-moon (not pictured. 26 guides) or Chevron (20 guides) styles.
Treatments & Disinfectants
Spritz Dry™

Liquid nail polish dryer, dries polish quickly with a light gentle mist and no messy brushes. Available in a professional 4 oz. size bottle with a convenient spray pump.
Fungus MD®

With its maximum strength formula, Fungus MD eliminates fungus and bacteria. FDA registered for anti-fungal treatment, Fungus MD's dropper application system is a hygienic alternative to brush-on applicators. Equally effective on both hands and feet, Fungus MD delivers the cure.
Clean Nails™

Sanitizes and disinfects nails and feet, removing oils and residues for better adhesion. Available in 4 oz. spritz pump bottle.
Nail Whitener™

Whiten yellow nails with this effervescent treatment. Nail Whitener gently soaks away unsightly stains on both fingernails and toenails. Available in a convenient economy pack containing twelve double-packets (24 applications).
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