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Upfront Distribution is a retailer of Grimas products, a worldwide known brand for professional make-up and special effects. With the wide range of products we serve both the professional and the non-professional users. You can even use Grimas products for daily make-up.
Safety Data Sheets: A Safety data Sheet is available for every product on the internet (www.grimas.co.uk).Ecology: What to do with empty packaging and unused make-up.Bacteriology: <50 CFU/G Yeast and Mould, no pathogens, meaning that there are no more than 50 colony forming units of yeast and mould present per gram and no micro organisms that cause disease. This guarantees, amongst other things, that production has taken place under hygienic conditions. Hygiene: It is important to pay attention not only to personal hygiene (washing hands) but also to use fresh water, clean tables, sponges, brushes etc. Improper use: The safety of the product is also judged on having been eaten once. This is not to say that the make-up is to be considered edible. Formulation: The ingredients used are declared with their maximum percentage. Dermatology: Grimas does not test on animals, has never done and never shall. The products underwent dermatological testing on 30 persons with healthy skin during a 24, 48 and 72 hour period. There was no irritation. Nevertheless irritation or allergic reaction cannot be excluded. Some individuals show an allergic reaction to certain products that cause no reactions in others. On damaged skin, irritation can arise. The products do not contain perfume, avoiding allergic reactions and colours are used only from the strictest catagory, EEC/76/768, allowing use in the areas of eyes and mouth. Colours P20, P54, 201, 203, 403 contain tartrazine (also used in lemonade and candies). Penetretion through the skin is negligible.Grimas Pure: Is free of chemical preservatives such as: parabens, halogen organics (chorine, bromine etc.).

Protect clothing first before starting the make-up. To clean and remove any grease from the skin you may use Cleansing Lotion. This will give an even finish and the make-up can be applied more easily. If the skin is dry it is wise to apply Undermake-up base very thinly with a make-up sponge after using the Cleansing Lotion. Use a spatula to take it from the container and apply it very thinly onto the skin. Allow 10 minutes for the cream to be absorbed. After this Cake Make-up may be applied.Cake Make-up serves as a base for Water Make-up. It is simple to apply and makes it easy to apply Water Make-up. To apply the Cake Make-up use the round surface of a moist Make-up Sponge squeezed between the fingertips. Check the colour strength of the Cake Make-up on the hand first and then apply it evenly. Cake Make-up dries quickly and does not require powdering.Water Make-up is suitable for face- and bodypainting. Water Make-up dries quickly and is not easily rubbed off.

Apply Water Make-up with a damp make-up sponge or brush. Work the Water Make-up into a creamy paste with water when applying it with a brush. Sable-Ox- and artificial hair brushes are suitable to apply Water Make-up.Hair can be coloured with Water Make-up, however never on henna-coloured bleached or porous hair.Take care not to leave moistened make-up sponges on the Make-up. Do not close the make-up directly after use but allow to dry. Dry the surface of the Make-up by dabbing with a tissue. It is essential that it is stored in a cool and dry environment and cleaned well after use. The Make-up can be removed with water and soap, shampoo or Cleansing cream. Any remaining traces of colour may be removed with Cleansing Lotion. Remove Water Make-up from clothing first by hand with soap or prewashing powder. After that wash in the washing machine.
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