Dip 'n Colour  
Powder Polish Bond is a low viscosity, brush-on adhesive. Apply to nail nail then dip in clear, French or colored powder to coat nails for strength and protection. Powder Polish Bond can also be used in tip application and the cap unscrews easily every time.
Powder Polish Set activates the Bonder and dries the entire nail in 30 seconds, resulting in smooth, glossy nails that require little filing and won't smudge, peel or wear.
New Super Gloss fast drying sealer. Powder Polish Seal is a non-yellowing, quick drying sealer that keeps a super brilliant shine. The professional's choice !
  • Easy to apply and won't smudge, peel or wear.
  • Lasts from 10 to 21 days.
  • Colours are easy to change.
  • Completely sanitary.
  • No harmful high odor liquids.
  • 30 Rich, vibrant colours and 12 French and clear shades.
  • Blend Powders to create custom colour shades.
  • Apply clear powder for invisible nail reinforcement.


Powder Colour Chart.
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