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Dikson Mèches Decolor

The new decolorant for highlights, fast and easy to apply.
It is composed of two active products:

  1. DIKSON MECHES DECOLOR, decolorant cream WITHOUT AMMONIA, with a pleasant fragrance and special softening and emollient substances.
  2. DIKSON MECHES DECOLOR, bleaching intensifier, a light blue powder with a pleasant fragrance.
    The mixture of these two products ensures more than 5 bleaching shades as well as bright and even locks.
    DIKSON MECHES DECOLOR decolorant cream and DIKSON MECHES DECOLOR powder intensifier are to be used only mixed together.
    DIKSON MECHES makes it possible to carry out easily and safely decolorations of particular brightness; specific for very light bases, bleached locks and fancy colouring. Moreover, it is an excellent product for fast decoloration and superbleaching.

cream - 120 ml tube
powder intensifier: 50 g packet.
Dikson Color progress

An extremely innovating and resolutely "progressive" dye. Created in order to give to the Hairstylists-Colourists a large possibility to highlight their professionality.
- top fashion colours
- new possibilities of application
- mixing with the oxidizer
An absolute new technique: two colour variants may be obtained starting from the same tube of dye:
1. by mixing equal proportions of colour and oxidizer, the darker colour indicated on the tube is obtained;
2. by mixing a dose of colour with two doses of oxidizer, the lighter colour indicated on the tube is obtained while keeping the colour shade intact and ensuring perfect covering.

Colour range:
DIKSON COLOR progress is available in the following range of colours:
1-2 BN dark blue
1-2 CO raven
4-5 CV mink brown
4-5 CG dark red brown
4-5 CP plum brown
5-6 CA amaranth light brown
5-6 BC chestnut
5-6 MR redcurrant mahogany
5-6 AM amaranth red
6-7 RA cherry red
7-8 BM honey blond
7-8 NV vivid neutral blond

4.05 Fl. Oz. Tube of professional use.
Dikson Color Extra

The coloring system that offers a combination of unlimited variety, complete conditioning, easy application and unrivalled customer satisfaction.

Unlimited variety:
Dikson Color Extra comes in 80 shades, from the palest blondes to the richest reds and blacks.
Color remains true from the very first application.
Even the reds remain vibrant.

Complete conditioning:
Hair stays silky and shiny after every application of Dikson Color Extra.

Easy applications:
Shades are numbered from low to high, starting with the darkest tones.
Dikson Color Extra is so easy to use, too, it can be applied by bottle or brush and succes starts with the very first application.
Each tube of Dikson Color Extra contains 4.05 Fl. Oz. Of cream color.
Enough for 3 or 4 retouch applications.

Dikson Color Evolution

A special series of colour products in superb fashion colours and subtle shades.
Red, auburn red or blonde tones with bright and lively tints.
Covers grey hair completely.
Contains special ingredients which perform a conditioning-protection action on the hair structure.

Colour range:

Produced in 16 colour variants: 6RR/L dark red raspberry - 6RR/r dark red blackcurrant - 7R/AR copper orange - 7RR/A red black cherry - 7RO/AR red orange - 8D/AR golden orange - 8R/AR light copper orange - 8RO/AR light red orange - 6D/INT deep dark golden blonde - 6N/VIV bright dark blonde - 7D/INT deep golden blonde - 7N/VIV bright blonde - 8D/INT deep light golden blonde - 8N/VIV bright light blonde - 9D/INT deep very light golden blonde - 9N/VIV bright very light blonde.

4.05 Fl. Oz. Tube - mixing ratio: equal amounts of die + oxygen.
In order to enhance the colour features to a maximum, we recommend using 30 volumes peroxide.
Dikson Mèches Fantasy

To create colour fashion with utmost freedom
- Bright colours
- Perfectly clean scalp
- Easy application
8 colour variants
For whom likes daring and creating a very personal style with utmost freedom.
Direct colouring cream to colour decolorated hair and bleached locks.
Its range of colours makes it possible to execute any type of hairstyle with fantasy and free creativity.
It is ready for use and must not be mixed with other products.
It is applied directly on decolorated hair, bleached locks and light locks (natural or dyed) in order to obtain colours with a special effect. It has no bleaching effect. It lasts 6 to 10 shampoos, according to hair structure.

Colour variants:
- fire red - violet - fuchsia - green - orange - yellow - turquoise blue - electric blue.

60 ml tube for professional use.

Disco Color

The “DISCO COLOR” system is suitable for a number of purposes, it is easy to use and allows the Hairstylist to create in total freedom and achieve inimitable contemporary effects.The easy-to-wash material used for the disks ensures the long life of the product.

Disco Color is easy to use.


- n° 6 disks: 2 Ø large - 2 Ø medium - 2 Ø small

- n° 1 Use and instructions manual

- n° 1 video (suggestions for use)

- n° 1 multipurpose basin

- n° 1 long-bristled flat brush

- n° 1 measuring cylinder

Tonic Line A complete line of treatments which guarantee new vitality, volume and shine for hair.

The natural extract used in this formula is particularly rich in unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic) forming vitamin F and by-products of linseed oil, in an ideal combination with other cosmetic substances having a high affinity with the structure of the hair and which provide the hair with greater softness, shine, easy combing, volume and protection.GEL MOUSSE
with linseed extract

A totally new idea, two important products in one: the fixing properties of the gel perfectly combined with the powerful modelling effect of the mousse.Packaging:- 10.14 Fl. Oz, professional spray.SHAMPOO PLUS
Professional shampoo with natural pH, delicate cleansing properties and high affinity with the structure of the hair. It frees the hair from foreign substances caused by environmental factors or the residues of professional treatments (perms, colouring, bleaching etc.)Packaging:
- 33.80 Fl. Oz. Bottle for professional use.
- 8.45 Fl. Oz. Bottle for home treatments.CREMA PLUS and LOTION PLUS

Provides vitality, softness and beauty for all types of hair. Its special composition is suitable for use after professional treatments (perms, colouring, bleaching etc.) to restore the original physical conditions of the hair.

- 16.90 Fl. Oz. Jar for professional use
- 8.45 Fl. Oz. Jar for home treatment LOTION PLUS
Toning treatment containing special substances with outstanding affinity with the hair structure. This product is particularly suitable for continuing treatment between one application of CREMA PLUS and another.

- 0.40 Fl. Oz. Single-application phial in a box of 10.
- 0.40 Fl. Oz. Single-application phial in a box of 3 for home treatment.


Mèches Impulse Color
May be applied to natural or color treated hair.
No prelightening required.
Available in 12 beautiful shades.
Mixing ratio is 2 parts developer to 1 part color.
Developing time is 15 minutes with a dryer (30-35 minutes without)

  • Vibrant Reds
  • Rich Golds
  • Fabulous Browns
  • Incredible Blondes
  • Dramatic Effects
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